Price Updates

1/1/2024: We are trying to again hold pricing flat, with little or no price increases this year.  We are grateful for our partnership with Fedex making this possible.  Fedex has progressively worked with us and lowered our rates, with a volume plan.  This has allowed us to hold pricing flat through 2023 and into 2024.

8/01/2022: We are progressively increasing product prices to offset the significant cost of sourcing batteries, as well as the increased costs to ship, mostly fuel surcharging by the major carriers.  Expect 15-30% price increases on most products.  These increases represent only our costs, and will not include any unjustified markups.

8/01/2022: We have increased the minimum purchase price for free shipping from $49 to $59.  We have increased the minimum purchase size for volume discounts from $200 and $300 levels, to $300 and $400 levels.  These increases reflect our best efforts to provide a sensible discount for customers when shipping cost per item is slightly reduced on larger orders.  We have also reduced the discount for payment by check from 4% to 3%, to more accurately represent the actual savings from omitting a credit card transaction fee.

10/22/2020: U.S Postal Service, beginning last Sunday 10-18-2020, increased costs of all Priority Mail packages by 40 cents per package.  On November 1st, FedEx will apply a 50 cent increase per package on its 2-day Express packages.  We will be increasing prices on all items approximately an average of 0.75% (less than 1%) to compensate for our cost to ship.  There has been no price increase on Energizer or Rayovac products, though we expect a price increase soon, as prices have remained flat for over 3 years now.

7/25/2020: Eveready 1209 6V battery pricing will increase by 25 cents per battery, reflecting an increase in our cost to source from Energizer distribution channels.

5/27/2019: Rayovac pricing on the 'Heavy Duty' batteries is now increasing, reflecting an increase in our cost to source from Rayovac.  Price increase is solely to cover our costs of product and credit card or PayPal fees incurred during sales.

1/27/2019: USPS Priority Mail price increases are effective today for 2019.  We are increasing Energizer prices an average of less than 1% to offset shipping costs.  Rayovac price increases will be more substantial, as Rayovac initiated a substantial price increase in 2018, that we have not yet passed on to our customers.

11/19/2018: USPS Priority Mail costs will again for 2019, rise much more than an inflationary or consumer price index amount.  In some instances, the cost to ship will increase by more than 8%.  In other instances, cost to ship will remain flat.  JCB Products will be increasing cost of most products by less than 1% for 2019 to compensate for average shipping cost increase.

11/19/2018: Prices of all Rayovac product will soon increase by 3-5% as a direct reflection of our cost to source these Rayovac products.  This is the first Rayovac price increase in the market in years.  JCB Products will increase pricing on Rayovac items, one-by-one, beginning in November.   These price increases will also include an additional 1% or less to build in 2019 pricing reflecting a slight increase in shipping costs as well.

1/23/2018: JCB Products will be holding pricing flat for the first few months of 2018.  We will absorb the increase in shipping costs without raising prices.

1/08/2018:  Price of Energizer 9V has increased by about six cents per battery.  This price reflects our increased cost to source along with a slight increase to help cover 2018 USPS Priority Mail shipping costs.  There is no hidden markup in this price increase.

1/06/2018:  USPS Priority Mail shipping rates are again this year increasing at rates much high than the Consumer Price Index.  Although the retail (or walk in) costs for USPS shipping increased by only 3-4%, the prices at the "Commercial Plus" discounted rates jumped more than 10% in some instances.  Ridiculous.  We will be bumping the prices of most items by  few pennies each to help us offset the shipping cost increases, effective on or about January 21st.  New USPS shipping rates are effective January 22nd.

11/25/2017: The USPS has released its 2018 pricing increases for its Priority Mail shipment offerings.  We are very disappointed to again see 3-10% increases in shipping costs after another year of controlled fuel expenses.  We will increase product prices slightly in early 2018 to offset the increase in shipping expense.

11/23/2017: because of the 2017 Energizer price increase, we will be increasing the cost of Energizer 9V batteries by about six cents per battery on January 1st, 2018.

5/31/17: On May 1st, Duracell implemented its first price increase on "industrial batteries" in years.  Energizer will follow, on June 1st.  This is fact.  JCB Products is stocking heavily in May on Energizer products, so we can maintain current pricing through August.  We anticipate increasing pricing on AA, AAA, C, and D batteries on 9/01/2017.  We anticipate no change in the price of Energizer 9V batteries (which may change).

3/29/2017: A reliable industry source says Duracell will implement a very significant price increase in the first half of this year, 2017, and that Energizer will likely follow.

We pledge to our customers that our Energizer pricing will increase only as a reflection of our cost to source the product and to cover the credit card fees on purchase amounts.  There will be no additional markups.


On January 15th of 2016, U.S. Postal Services Priority Mail shipping costs increased by an average of more than 9% over 2015 costs.  This was the biggest single-year increase in many years.

In 2016, JCB Products absorbed this cost without increasing our prices, other than fractional increases on D batteries.  In 2016, we also reduced the minimum purchase size for free shipping from $75 to $49, to benefit our customers.

Beginning January 22, 2017, Priority Mail shipping costs are increasing again, by an average of 3.9%, and by about 4-6% on our most commonly used packaging sizes.  We can no longer absorb these cost entirely, and so will be increasing prices slightly for 2017.  Many items will see a 0.5-1.5% price increase, while larger, heavier items like C and D size batteries will see a 2-4% price increase.

As a business trying to maintain low pricing for our customers, we are frustrated to see a 2nd consecutive year of radical shipping cost increases in the wake of low fuel prices.  But, we will do our best to keep our pricing down.

Expect to see these increases effective January 22nd of 2017.

We appreciate the understanding of our customers.  Please contact us with any questions.




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