Recommended Brands/Products

We are often asked which brand is best.  We won't claim a "best," but we have recommendations.

The Energizer Industrial may be the most chosen alkaline brand among government/municipality, healthcare, education, and various professional contractors, who trust it for safety and reliability.  It is clearly our top seller.  The Energizer Industrial lineup is made in the USA, with the exception of the AA and 9V batteries.

The Rayovac UltraPro lineup is a solid choice and tremendous value.  Its AA, AAA, C, and D batteries are made in the USA while its 9V is not.  The Rayovac claims to last as long at Energizer.  The reason Rayovac sells for less is because our cost is less, not because it necessarily is a lesser brand.

The Energizer batteries, across all sizes, weigh more, on a scale, than the Rayovac batteries.  This is the only direct comparison we will give you fairly and objectively between the two brands.

If your business, OSHA or voluntary safety standard require the use of only "industrial" or "professional" batteries, the Energizer Industrial and Rayovac UltraPro batteries meet this standard.

We stock very few lithium or rechargeable batteries in sizes AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V.  We can offer them competitively.  Lithium batteries are only a good value when used in a very high drain device.  A lithium battery may last only slightly longer than an alkaline battery in some devices, but may last 8 times as long in other devices.

CR123A 3V batteries are popular with tactical flashlights and cameras - we sell multiple brands.  We think the Rayovac is an exceptional value among these, though the Energizer is more popular.

Among the 6V "lantern" style batteries, the alkaline Duracell MN908 is the only Duracell battery we carry because it is so popular and lost-lasting.  It is assembled in the USA.  The Eveready (Energizer) 1209 6V battery is a Zinc Carbon battery, not an alkaline battery, and far outsells the Duracell.  We have sold both items to many hundreds of customers, without any issues.  We can clearly recommend both: the Duracell as a higher end alkaline choice, and the Eveready as a lower end Zinc Carbon option.  The Eveready is lighter and may be a good choice in "floating" flashlights.  The Duracell is a better choice in deer feeders because of the higher drain characteristic.

Coin batteries - we continue to source only Energizer, Duracell, or Rayovac items.  We could offer cheaper brands, but we hear too many stories of failed batteries.  We offer very low pricing on the top brand coin batteries, and we recommend that you stay with a top brand.



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